Use your voice to shape the City’s 2021 operating budget

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The City’s 2021 Operating Budget needs your feedback to shape how it uses its funds in the coming year

The City announced that it is looking for its residents to provide feedback and input on the 2021 operating budget via an online forum and through an online survey. The City stated that, “Given projections of decreased revenue in 2020 and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, input from residents is more important than ever before to ensure that the City can continue to provide critical services in an equitable manner.” 

The operating budget, “functions as a financial plan for the current fiscal year… and…all of the costs incurred by the City of Pittsburgh in providing day-to-day public services. These services include, but are not limited to: public safety, refuse collection, snow removal, issuance of permits and licenses, maintenance and programming for City of Pittsburgh parks and community recreation centers.”

It is important for folks to contribute to the operating budget to ensure that they see their tax dollars being spent in ways that they want, like helping to maintain public sidewalks, clearing of debris, and timely snow removal in the winter.

While the operating budget deals with day-to-day costs it differs from the City’s capital budget which deals with larger, longer-term projects. The operating budget cycle begins in June and ends in December when City Council votes to adopt the budget.

Provide Feedback via the Survey

Call: 311 to complete the survey over the telephone
Date Due: Friday, October 16

Other Ways to Get Engaged:

For more information visit: or Email:

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