Family Challenge: Bike/Ped Scavenger Hunt

Find out just how Bike and Pedestrian friendly your neighborhood is.

Want to jazz up your family outings? Looking for an activity to get everyone out of the house during quarantine?  How about an activity the whole family can work on, together!? The education team at BikePGH made this fun and challenging scavenger hunt that the whole family can enjoy! This activity is perfect for a safe, socially distanced walk in your neighborhood! (Just be sure to mask up!)


Earn points by counting how many pieces of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure you can find. For some extra fun, you can also take photos and share them with us!  Tag @bikepgh to share your progress for a chance to be featured on social!

Clockwise:  A Sharrow, Protected Bike Lane, ContraFlow Bikelane, 2 Stage Turn Box, and Buffered Bike Lane

Infrastructure in your Neighborhood

In your neighborhood infrastructure looks like crosswalks, bike lanes, street signs, and street lights to give a few examples.    

  • Stop Sign
  • Crosswalk
  • Yield to pedestrian sign
  • Children at play sign   
  • Healthy Ride Bike Share Station
  • Pedestrian walk signal
  • Traffic lights
  • Speed limit sign
  • Sharrow
  • Bike lane
  • Protected bike lane
  • 2 stage turn box
  • Contra flow bike lane

What’s your total?

Having trouble finding infrastructure in your neighborhood?

Become an Advocate! Did you find something on your scavenger hunt that got in your way, like too many potholes, or too few crosswalks?  What if you couldn’t find any pedestrian-friendly infrastructure where you live? Consider reaching out to the City to bring these things to your neighborhood!  We have a guide for how to get in touch and report infrastructure issues in your community!

Sometimes it can take a little exploration to see what kind of resources your neighborhood needs for bicycle and pedestrian safety.  You can get active and become an advocate for change in your community by joining a local bike/ped committee. The littles ones can help too! The sooner we teach advocacy to our youth, the better chance we get to have a safer, resource-rich future for the entire neighborhood.

Remember to stay safe during these times. Please check your local news outlet for updated information regarding precautions and restrictions due to COVID-19. Stay safe, be informed,  and get active! We will get through this together, thanks for reading!

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