Community Spotlight Series: Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation

Interview with Sarah Rosso – Executive Director of Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation

This is the latest installment of our new Community Spotlight Series, which aims to highlight the incredible work being done here in Pittsburgh to uplift our communities and promote equity and inclusion in cycling.

Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got involved in this work?

“I got involved in LGBTQ+ work more than 15 years ago because I wanted to be able to improve the health and well-being of members of my communities. I spent a bunch of time in school learning about public health and organizational leadership, which finally landed me in this role. I’ve been living in the city for 21 years now! I got excited about biking in college and tried to build my own bike with Free Ride years ago… that wasn’t my speed – but I did buy a GREAT bike that I love and wish I rode more.”

Tell us a little bit about the Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation. How does this project support your community? 

“HLWF is missioned to improve the health of the LGBTQ+ and HIV communities in Western PA. We accomplish our mission by providing resources and direct services to our communities while advocating and educating the broader region we live in so that all our community members can thrive.  ”

What are your hopes for the future of the HLWF?

“That we can reduce and even remove disparities impacting our communities. And get to a place where we are leaning into joy and resilience.”


What resources/ funding/ volunteers/tools/equipment do you need to keep on going? How can people who read this article help?

“We welcome everyone to join us! Folks who are able to donate funds will help us purchase resources – like food, paper products, etc. to distribute to our community members. We also accept donations for our pantry program – Hugh’s Kitchen. Finally, we can always use more volunteers to help us make contactless deliveries in Allegheny county.”

How can people get involved with HLWF?

Facebook: Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation  
Phone: (412) 973-5053

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