Slew of projects coming to the Northside. Get involved!

A Comprehensive Look at Connectivity

Northside Networks. See the project links below for details.

The City’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) are planning an ambitious suite of projects covering a significant swath of the Northside as part of their MoveForwardPGH program. MoveForwardPGH is a collaborative program between the City’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), Bike Pittsburgh, and Healthy Ride to help rapidly implement the new Bike(+) Plan.

The network of projects involves a series of streets that could see a number of improvements to create less stressful biking and walking connectivity within and through the neighborhood, with the goal of achieving safer, more comfortable streets for all users. 

While the Northside has numerous streets with bike infrastructure, there still remain significant gaps in making for a complete network. Improvements, depending on context and community input, could include such techniques as new road markings and crosswalks, Neighborways, bike lanes, or other traffic calming features.

The Northside Networks

DOMI is breaking the Northside Networks up into two phases, each with their own engagement and public outreach.

Northside Phase 1 includes streets mostly in and around the Central Northside, including the neighborhood of Manchester, Brighton Rd, Marshall Ave and California Ave.

Northside Phase 2 mostly includes improving access to/from Riverview Park. See the individual project pages for details.


From Public Meetings to surveys, there are many ways to provide feedback on the projects.


All meetings are held via Zoom. For more details and to register, click on the links below.

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