WMNBikePGH Workshop: How to Bike the GAP

Pack Your Panniers and get ready for Your Next Bike Adventure!

Want to bike from Pittsburgh to Washington DC but not sure where to start? Check out our WMNBikePGH How to Bike the GAP workshop, led by Dirty Jones of Golden Triangle Bikes. This workshop covers the basics of the GAP trail, including trip planning, so you can plan and execute the ride that fits you best. We’ll also dive into best practices for packing, nutrition & hydration, and weather to help you maximize your fun!

About the Instructor: Dirty Jones didn’t get into bikes until well into adulthood, but once she did, it was true love. She has been fortunate enough to work in the industry, in various capacities, with Green Distribution, the Wheel Mill, and at Golden Triangle Bikes. When she’s not on the trail, toodling around town with friends, or on her mountain bike, deep in the woods, you can find Dirty at home with her partner and their dogs, Blue & Hope.

Want to learn even more about the GAP? Check out Dirty’s trail resources list.

Trail Alerts: as of 4/21/21

Bueno Vista

  • Trail work was estimated to be completed by April 30th – no recent updates as to whether work is on track or not. No standardized detour suggested
  • May consider having someone shuttle you to a trail head past the construction – lose 20-25 miles off total

Paw Paw Tunnel

  • Extended construction project on and around the tunnel
  • At this time, currently open – please check before going, as that can change as the project progresses
  • There is an approved detour – a walking route up and over the tunnel. Approximately 1 and a half miles long – recommending an hour to an hour and a half to complete

BikePGH’s Women and Non-Binary Program is inclusive of trans and cis women, intersex people, non-binary, genderqueer, agender, and gender variant folks, as well as those whose gender identity falls outside of the dominant conceptions of gender. The program encourages conversation and spaces to come together over biking, advocacy, and related topics while increasing representation of people who have historically marginalized gender identities.

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