Show your support for safe streets with a MoveForwardPGH Yard Sign!

Two examples of the MoveForwardPGH Yard Signs in someone’s yard.

Pick up your yard sign and show your support for safer streets

Imagine having the choice to get anywhere by any means you wanted. Bike to work and have a secure place to put it for the day. Enjoy a relaxing walk to the park for some quality time with nature. Drive across town to help a friend and feel completely confident in the safety of your fellow neighbors using other modes of transportation. To some, this may sound like a dream. The truth is, BikePGH is busy at work advocating for safer streets for everyone! 

Show your support for safer streets by putting a MoveForwardPGH yard sign in front of your house. 

MoveForwardPGH is an initiative of the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, in partnership with BikePGH and Healthy Ride, working to build Pittsburgh’s streets to be safe and accessible for all modes of transportation.

If you care about safe streets we encourage you to wear that pride like a badge of honor. Fill out this form to claim your free MoveForwardPGH yard sign! It can be delivered to your house or you can pick it up from the BikePGH office on 43rd Street in Lawrenceville. 

What better way to break the ice with people walking past your house or your neighbors. Show that you care about safer streets for everyone! Use the form below to sign up to get your MoveForwardPGH Yard Sign or by following this link.

Group of bike advocates

Become an Advocate

Join your neighborhood’s bike/ped committee

Want to get more involved with making Pittsburgh better for biking and walking? Become a bike/ped advocate. There are over 20 neighborhood bike/ped committees across the City and surrounding municipalities. You can find a complete list of them here. You can always start your own committee too! Email for more information.

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