How to Enter the Negley Run Blvd Bike Lane

Make a safe connection to Washington Blvd with the Negley Run Bike Lane

Photo credit: MoveForwardPGH

For decades, riders of all ages and abilities have utilized the Bud Harris Cycling Track (AKA The Oval) for riding, training, and racing, but have never had a protected route to ride to the track.  Installed in May of 2021, the Negley Run Blvd Bike Lane provides a protected connection between the bike lanes on East Liberty Blvd to an off-street bike trail alongside Washington Blvd. Since both directions of the bike lane are installed on the northbound side of Negley Run Blvd, entering the lanes may seem counterintuitive. Watch our video and follow the steps below to navigate the intersection of East Liberty Blvd and Negley Run Blvd to enter the lane. 

Entering the Negley Run Bike Lanes

Entering from Centre Avenue going North (away from Target)

Follow the  bike lane straight through the intersection with East Liberty Blvd staying to the right of the two way bike lane 

Entering from East Liberty Blvd inbound (heading West)

Signal right and then turn into the bike lane staying to the right side of the two way bike lane

Entering from East Liberty Blvd outbound (heading East)

Cross the intersection and proceed to the two stage turn box

Reorient yourself in the two stage turn box facing the Negley Ave bike lane

Wait for the green light to proceed

Stay to the right side of the two way bike lane

Posted by Ted King-Smith


  • davidsogg says:

    Getting on is easy. But how do you recommend getting OFF the bike lane coming uphill and turning right onto Collins? That’s how I get to my home in Highland Park. Well nigh impossible.

  • Ted King-Smith says:

    Davidsogg, thank you for the comment! That will be the subject of a future video. In your case, we’d recommend making the right onto East Liberty Blvd Bike Lane and then right onto N. Sheridan St. You’re correct that it is impossible to access Collins st from the Negley Run Blvd bike lanes.

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