BikePGH launches awareness campaign to put an end to parking on the sidewalk

Think before you park: The safety of your neighbors depends on it

Sidewalk parking is a blight on Pittsburgh.

Pittsburghers who walk, use wheelchairs, walkers, push strollers, use grocery carts, jog, and walk dogs are among the many people who depend on sidewalks to safely get where they need to go. 

Even though it is definitively illegal, drivers seem to be able to park on sidewalks with impunity, and it’s getting worse. This practice creates a hostile environment for those of us who depend on sidewalks. To make matters worse, it destroys sidewalks, making it that much harder to get around, as well as creating a financial burden on property owners.

Drivers will make many excuses for parking on the sidewalk:

  • “I’ll just be a minute”
  • “I don’t want my sideview mirror damaged”
  • “I have a big car”
  • “Everybody does it”
  • “I can’t find a spot to park”

But when a driver parks on the sidewalk, even for “just a minute,” it forces your neighbors to use the street to get around, putting them in danger and limiting their mobility. 

BikePGH has created a campaign to remind drivers about the importance of keeping sidewalks clear and to park in designated areas. The campaign uses visual storytelling to show how the decision to park on the sidewalk affects your neighbors and puts them in harm’s way in many different situations. 

Additionally, residents can use this branding to create their own visual content as they document the problem in their neighborhood. There are also leave-behind flyers that the public can print out, to educate drivers and help them understand how parking on the sidewalk ultimately hurts others.

Our hope is that Pittsburgh drivers will consider others and stop parking on the sidewalk. The safety of all of us who use the sidewalks depends on it.

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