Bike to Work Guide

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This fun to read comic book style educational tool will help you, or a friend in need, learn some urban riding basics, laws, and practical advice for navigating the city.  Everything from what to wear to navigating intersections is covered.  Thanks to the City of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, and the Sprout fund for the support.

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In the meantime, here are some quick tips:

  1. Always wear a helmet
  2. Ride predictably. Bikes are allowed on the street. Often it is necessary to take the full lane to stay safe.
  3. Obey the law. Bikes are traffic and should be treated and act as such.
  4. Ride with confidence. If you look like you are confident and know what you’re doing, drivers will be more comfortable around you…and treat you better. Use hand signals, drivers will appreciate it.
  5. Scan ahead. Look for potholes, sewer grates, terrible intersections, etc. Call 311, the mayor’s response line to report hazards.
  6. Be seen. Dress in bright clothing and get front and rear blinky lights. To many drivers, cyclists are invisible.
  7. Stay out of the door zone. Scan ahead for opening doors or people inside of cars – especially in bike lanes.
  8. Stay vigilant. Many drivers are distracted and aren’t looking out for cyclists.
  9. Stay calm if confronted by angry drivers. Remember, you’re on your bike and having way more fun than they are.

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