Reporting Issues

Whether there’s a pothole or someone parked in a bike lane, we got you covered. Taking a moment to report a problem helps our advocacy efforts, and in the case of a pothole, could save a life.

Use the OurStreets App for dangerous driving, parking in bike lanes, near misses, etc.

Download and use the new tool to aid BikePGH advocates and city officials

BikePGH has partnered with an app called OurStreets, in order to crowdsource dangerous driving behavior and “near misses,” or other dangerous situations such as cars parked on a sidewalk or in bike or bus lanes. For example, if you are riding in a bike lane, and you approach a vehicle blocking it, you can simply stop, snap a picture, and upload the information to the app.

All OurStreets reports in the greater Pittsburgh area will feed into a dashboard that will allow BikePGH staff to easily gather insights overlaid with crash data, citation data and other relevant data sources to tell a fuller picture of what’s happening on our streets. We will then be able to use these insights to drive our advocacy for street safety initiatives throughout the region. Additionally, the OurStreets team recently agreed to a partnership with the League of American Bicyclists, so submissions both in and out of the Pittsburgh area will be going toward their advocacy efforts as well.

In October 2019, you may have participated in or read about the Data Protected Bike Lanes Project that we hosted in collaboration with the How’s My Driving app. Volunteers recorded over 120 vehicles blocking bike lanes during morning, lunch and afternoon rush hours in a single day. Over 40 volunteers helped make the event a huge success and captured the imagination of advocates, as well as a lot of media attention. Due to the positive feedback and general excitement about the potential of the app’s utility, we decided to formally partner with the developers to help further our advocacy efforts to curb poor driving.

OurStreets Tips and FAQ

Note: While OurStreets is indeed similar to the City’s 311 reporting system, we found that 311 is great for issues such as potholes and faded street markings, but it is not so effective when it comes to reporting dangerous driving and behavioral issues. We encourage everyone to continue to use 311 for infrastructure-related issues within the City of Pittsburgh.

311 for dangerous road conditions, faded markings, etc

Is there a sewer grate, pot hole or sink hole that’s threatening to eat your wheel? Have you noticed a bike lane where the lines are are nearly or completely faded? Report it!

If the road or bridge hazard is in the City of Pittsburgh…

If the road or bridge hazard is elsewhere in Allegheny County…
Use the County’s online feedback form
PennDOT Roads: CALL 1-800-FIX-ROAD

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