We have a history of working closely with the City of Pittsburgh to get things done.
Check out some of the current infrastructure projects that we’re pushing for.

Rapid Implementation of the Bike(+) Plan

MoveForwardPGH is an initiative of the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure to implement their new Bike(+) Plan. We’re working closely with DOMI and Healthy Ride to engage the community throughout the process of installing new bike-friendly connections throughout Pittsburgh, and help market the changes.

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Action to #ExtendPenn Ave Bike Lanes

It’s been four years since the City installed the popular Penn Ave bike lanes. However, they end at 16th St, where riders are confronted with chaotic traffic patterns, aggressive drivers, trucks, and now, a constant stream of Autonomous Vehicles.

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Parking Protected Bike Lanes

Municipalities in Pennsylvania lack the ability to easily install protected bike lanes and pedestrian plazas to physically separate people from car traffic. Due to a technicality in the PA Vehicle Code that requires cars to be parked within 12” of the curb, Pennsylvanians are denied a life-saving tool that has been used successfully in states and municipalities across the country. Click for more details

We Bike. We Walk. We Vote.

We educate our thousands of Pittsburghers on how candidates for public office will fight for biking and walking improvements. Find out what the candidates, and now elected officials say about street safety, livability, and transportation. Be sure to Pledge to vote in your upcoming election!

Bike. Walk. Vote


Gap to the Point

The City of Pittsburgh is working on connecting the end of the Eliza Furnace Trail to Point State Park, creating an on-street bikeway to Complete the GAP, or the Great Allegheny Passage. So far, the Smithfield/Wood/Ft Pitt bus lanes have opened to bikes, and bike lanes were installed on 3rd Ave. Next up: Stanwix Ave and Liberty Ave.

We’re hoping this project will be complete by 2019.

Past campaigns

BikePGH History

There is no doubt we’ve left a mark on this City. To see the complete list of things we’ve worked on, see our History Page.