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I <3 My Bike Anti-Theft Program


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The I <3 My Bike program was created in 2012 to help prevent theft and protect stolen bikes. So far, hundreds of bicycles are logged in our database, and 5 bikes have been returned to their loving owners! 

How it Works:

  • We set up at an event with the I <3 My Bike Photo booth
  • You bring your bike and we record your important contact information, bike serial number, and other key features of your bicycle for safekeeping in our private database.
  • We take a picture of you and your bike on site. This helps identify the owner with the bicycle, and provides you with a fun picture of you and your bike available on our flickr page!

Haven’t made it to an I <3 My Bike Event? Check out the Bike Index!

Fill out the form below with your and your bike’s information to add it to the national Bike Index database. Your bike’s information will be kept securely so you can easily access it in the case that your bicycle is stolen.

My Bike Was Stolen!

  1. Call 9-1-1 and report the theft to the police. The police will ask you for identifying information about your bike including the serial number–that’s where we come in.
  2. If you had your photo taken in the I <3 My Bike photo booth, contact us at or 412-325-4334. Find your picture on our flickr page and send us the link to your photo (photo sets are arranged by event). Tell us your name and other contact information so we can confidentially tell you your bike’s serial number.
  3. We will share your image through social media to alert Pittsburghers to be on the lookout for your bike!

If you did not get your photo taken in the I <3 My Bike photo booth, you can still get help from the bicycling community by posting to the BikePGH message board and posting to our Facebook page. Notify us and the police of the theft.

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