Car Free Fridays Kicks Off With Banff Mountain Film Festival April 6 & 7

It Doesn’t Have to be Friday to Celebrate Car Free Fridays

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A spring weekend is the perfect time to explore Downtown on your bike, take the bus or walk and see a great show in the Cultural District!

BikePGH, Venture Outdoors, and the Port Authority kick off Car Free Fridays with the Banff Mountain Film Festival on Saturday April 6th and Sunday the 7th. Venture Outdoors and Bike Pittsburgh are pleased to offer a special complimentary Bike Valet service at the Byham Theater in Downtown Pittsburgh for the event.

Tickets for Saturday’s show are  sold out and Sunday is expected to do the same.  If you want to attend it’s highly recommended to buy tickets in advanced.

Special Offer If You Ride A Bike to the Show

Ride your bike to the theater on both nights (Saturday show begins at 7:00 PM, and Sunday show begins at 5:00 PM) and we will take special care of your wheels during the show! Bike racks will be located in the theater to store your bike securely with no service or usage fee. Bikes will be placed in the Byham’s VIP room, and all bikers will receive one free beer and snacks courtesy of VO at a pre-showing event.

Go ahead, ride green! No parking hassles. No garage fees. No waiting to get out after the show. No gas needed! Simply ride up to the door, bring your bike inside, enjoy special pre-show drinks and snacks, and then ride home!

Car Free Fridays promotes local events that provide ample bike parking and encourages biking, walking, and transit. The full schedule of events will be announced later in April, but we wanted to start ASAP with the storied film festival to help welcome Spring and spur your sense of adventure.

Tell Pittsburgh’s Mayoral Candidates that you want safe streets for biking and walking! There’s a good chance that Pittsburgh’s next Mayor will be decided in May’s Democratic Primary. A supportive mayor is the difference between expanding on bike-friendly initiatives or a halt. Show the candidates that biking and walking issues are popular, and can even swing an election! Sign our petition TODAY!

Register to vote for the Tuesday, May 21 primary by April 22!

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