Declaring Our Plan for Safer Streets

The Declaration of the Members of Bike Pittsburgh

We the Members of Bike Pittsburgh…

Last week Bike Pittsburgh members came together in Lawrence Hall at Point Park University for the 2014 Annual Members’ Meeting. After socializing, presentations, and participatory discussion, the evening culminated in an action like no other we’ve orchestrated before.

The signing of a declaration

The Declaration of the 2014 Members’ Meeting calls for three vitally important improvements within the next year. Each individual measure has the potential to greatly enhance biking and walking in Pittsburgh and, together, by achieving all three we’ll be in the position to really keep up the momentum we’ve built towards having safe streets citywide:

1. Adoption of Bicycle and Pedestrian PlanPittsburgh’s current bike plan was created in 1999. A good chunk of it is complete, and the rest of it is out of date. We absolutely need a new bike plan to move forward, give direction, and seek out funding for projects. Without a plan, Pittsburgh will see a mishmash of projects, and a lesser ability to acquire funds.

2. A Complete Streets ordinance and policy – A complete streets policy is the City’s way to make sure that all potential road users are accommodated for on their streets. These policies usually come into play when a developer is building new structures, or a street is being redesigned. The City of Pittsburgh can accomplish this using various tools in their toolbox, from zoning changes, to executive orders, to plans, to internal memos – ideally using all of the above.

3. A “Vision Zero” Plan to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2025 – A “Vision Zero” plan sets to end all traffic fatalities by a certain date. This is done through collaboration between many city departments, including, but not limited to street engineering and planning, law enforcement, and data collection. Every city is different, so identifying the root causes of the problem is an important first step. A Vision Zero Plan may include a Complete Streets Policy as a step.

The 100 members in attendance each grabbed a quill (OK fine, pen with a feather taped to it) and signed our declaration.
Signing declaration

And today we had the signed declaration delivered to the mayor’s office…by bike messengers, of course.
Bike messengers Declaration

With your support, we’ll be able to reach these big goals in the upcoming year. Help make our work possible by making a donation today.

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