Childcare and the Women & Biking Forum

Childcare & Accessibility to the Pgh Women & Biking Forum is important to us

Girl <3 Bike 2On Saturday, March 28th BikePGH will host the 2nd Annual Pgh Women & Biking Forum at Carnegie Mellon University. The forum is a day-long conference for women who ride, or are interested in bicycling, to share knowledge and build community through workshops and discussion groups.

Childcare is often a barrier to women with kids being available to attend events, and it is important to us to make the Pittsburgh Women & Biking Forum as accessible as possible. We prioritized offering this service at our 2015 forum, but discovered that it would cost Bike Pittsburgh thousands of dollars to secure the necessary insurance coverage, rent a child-friendly space, and pay for childcare providers. This expense is prohibitive for us, as the event itself operates on a very small budget.

We still want to find a way for mothers to attend, and are seeking community members who would be willing to volunteer to provide alternative childcare services during the day on Saturday, March 28th. Please contact or 412.325.4334 if you are interested in helping out!

In addition, because we could not arrange childcare to take place, children are welcome at the event, but must be under parent supervision at all times.

Click here for more information on the 2nd Annual Pittsburgh Women & Biking Forum. We’re looking forward to a great event!

Please contact or 412-325-4334 with any questions or concerns.

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