Video: Crosswalk Safety Tips for Road Users

Let’s talk about crosswalk safety

Drivers must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and at intersections. It’s not only courteous, it’s the law!

To be clear, every intersection is a crosswalk whether it’s painted or not. Our Crash Report points out that a full 25% of Pittsburgh’s traffic fatalities are pedestrians.

Drivers should reduce speed in areas with crosswalks and stay alert in school zones and neighborhoods where pedestrians may appear more frequently.

Come to a complete stop if pedestrians are crossing or preparing to cross. Do not stop in the middle of a crosswalk, this can make a dangerous obstacle for pedestrians.

For bicyclists, the same rules apply as drivers. When approaching a crosswalk, reduce your speed, be prepared to stop, always yield to pedestrians.

Cyclists should not speed through a crosswalk, this can startle pedestrians.

Always stop before the stop bar. These allow buses and trucks to make turns and keep the crosswalk clear.

On your next trip, be extra cautious when traveling through areas with crosswalks. Remember everyone begins and ends their trip as a pedestrian.


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