Trail Organizations in Pittsburgh & How to Get Involved

Enjoy, support, and volunteer for your local trails.

It’s often said that living in Pittsburgh is like living in a small town. One way this feels true is that there’s so much nature in our city, including many miles of trails. These trails serve not only as recreational spaces, but also valuable bike and pedestrian connectors between neighborhoods in the city and surrounding boroughs.  These connections are special in that they also offer a natural respite, as well as being a means to get around.

A number of organizations around the city and region help maintain and advocate for our urban trails.  We made this list to help you get acquainted with these local trail organizations and how to get involved!

Allegheny Trail Alliance 

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You can thank the hard work of the Allegheny Trail Alliance for making the Great Allegheny Passage what it is today.  They advocate for the trail and make sure its maintained with the help of a number of other local organizations.  Find what trail maintaining group works on the trail in your area here.

Friends of the Riverfront 

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Friends of the Riverfront has been working since 1991 to protect and improve the riverfront of Pittsburgh.  Their work has made possible the 30 miles of riverfront trails that make up the 3 rivers Heritage trail, along with their work in maintaining the last stretch of the GAP trail into Pittsburgh.  You can become a member, a trial steward, and volunteer with them in order to support their work. 

Trail Pittsburgh 

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Not just trails, BIKE TRAILS. Trail Pittsburgh’s work in trail building is specific to single track mountain biking and they’ve already built and maintained over 220 miles of trails in the region!  They’re looking for new members and volunteers to help maintain and create these kinds of trails. 

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy 

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Our city’s parks conservancy has a number public parks in its trust, including our cities largest parks like Frick, Schenley, and Highland. Founded in 1996, the conservancy has worked to improve and restore our city’s parks, and this includes maintaining and developing the trails that run through them. You can volunteer your time with them and find out more about the work they are doing to maintain and develop trails here.

Venture Outdoors

Photo by Venture Outdoors on Flickr

Few organizations can show you the ropes like Venture Outdoors. They provide the inspiration, education, and equipment so people can explore the outdoors. This includes hikes, walks and bike rides along our trails. Join an outdoor experience or volunteer to become a leader.

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