Bike the Vote 2011 Council District 9: Lucille Prater-Holliday

Lucille Prater-Holliday, Pittsburgh City Council District 9


1. Do you use a bicycle in the city? If so, for what purposes (commuting, recreation, errands) and how often?

I enjoy bicycling recreationally as often as possible.

2. Have you championed or strongly supported any initiatives that are in line with Bike Pittsburgh’s mission of establishing Pittsburgh as a city that is increasingly safe, accessible, and friendly to bicycle transportation?

I am a strong supporter of the bicycle lanes on East Liberty Blvd that make bicycling a safe option in my community.

3. Given Pittsburgh’s relatively low rate of car ownership and the recent transit cuts, what specific ideas do you have to make active transportation choices like biking and walking more appealing?

A healthy city requires real options for diversity in transportation. In addition to the strong support for public transit, I support continued improvements to infrastructure that help to make bicycling a safe option.

4. What do you think is the number one risk to walkers and bicyclists both in your district and the city as a whole? What have you done/will you do as an elected official to remedy it?

Safety. We need more public education so that car owners are more aware of the bicyclists around them and know how to act accordingly. As City Councilwoman, I will be a partner with Bike Pittsburgh, especially with regards to education.

5. Do you believe safe biking and walking infrastructure enhance a community’s quality of life? (yes or no)


6. Do you believe biking and walking are worth investing in as a city? (yes or no)


7. In what ways can enhanced bicycling and walking facilities and opportunities benefit your district and the city as a whole?

More bicycling and walking lead to healthier lifestyles and a healthier environment where we live.

8. Do you/Would you work to get more bike/ped safety projects underway in your district? If so, what is/would be your focus?

Yes. My focus would be on safety. Bicyclists need to feel comfortable in knowing that they have safe options in our neighborhoods.

9. There were a number of violent attacks on bicyclists in District 9 over the past year and a half. Many bicyclists fear riding in on certain streets in your district for this reason. If re-elected how would you assuage their fears?

Public education is key. As more car owners anticipate bicyclists on the road and more bicyclists know how to safely ride with traffic, we will see an increase in safety and in bicycle usage.

10. Do you have a bicycling story you would like to share with our constituents?

My children are now grown, but I look back fondly on the meaningful, quality time that we use to spend together bicycling. We would ride on trails all around Frick Park and Schenley Park.

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