Bike the Vote 2011

Vote in the Primary Elections: Tuesday, May 17

Cycling is a political issue. When you choose to ride a bike, you are addressing many issues: personal health, air quality, oil dependence, economics, infrastructure, and safety.  Making the choice easy for people to use a bicycle for basic transportation is often up to our elected officials and their commitment to dedicate the funding and resources to make the streets safe for all users.

We would like to thank the candidates for taking the time to answer questions from us.

If you are not sure which Council District you are in, CLICK HERE for the City of Pittsburgh’s interactive map.

Allegheny County Chief Executive

Among the many “livable streets” issues that the County Chief Executive will be responsible for is the ambitious Active Allegheny Plan, a new plan to improve the conditions for biking and walking county-wide.

Rich Fitzgerald (D) – Link to questionnaire

Mark Patrick Flaherty (D) – Link to questionnaire

Chuck McCullough (R) – Did not respond

D. Raja (R) – Did not respond

City of Pittsburgh Council Districts

District 1
Brighton Heights, East Allegheny, Fineview, Marshall-Shadeland, Northview Heights, Observatory Hill, Perry Hilltop, Riverview Park, Spring Garden, Spring Hill-Cityview, Summer Hill and Troy Hill

Darlene Harris (D) (Incumbent) – Link to questionnaire

Bobby Wilson (D) – Did not respond

Vince Pallus (D) – Did not respond

Steven P. Oberst (D) – Did not respond

District 3
Allentown, Arlington, Arlington Hts., Beltzhoover, Carrick, Central Oakland, Knoxville, Mt. Oliver, St.Clair, South Side Flats, South Side Slopes

Bruce Kraus (D) (Incumbent) – Link to questionnaire

Jason Phillips (D) – Link to questionnaire

Jeffrey S. Koch (D) – Did not respond

Gavin Robb (D) – Did not respond

District 5
Glen Hazel, Greenwood, Hays, Hazelwood, Lincoln Place, Point Breeze, Regent Square, Squirrel Hill South and North, Swisshelm Park

Josh Wander (R) – Link to questionnaire

Christopher Zurawsky (D) – Link to questionnaire

Corey O’Connor (D) – Did not respond

District 7
Bloomfield, East Liberty, Friendship, Garfield, Highland Park, Lawrenceville, Morningside, Polish Hill, and Stanton Heights

Patrick Dowd (D) (Incumbent) – Link to questionnaire

Tony Ceoffe Jr. (D) – Link to questionnaire

District 9
East Liberty, Homewood, East Hills, parts of Garfield, Lincoln Lemington, Larimer, Belmar Gardens, parts of North Point Breeze, and parts of Friendship

Ricky Burgess (D) (Incumbent) – Did not respond

Lucille Prater-HollidayLink to questionnaire

Phyllis Copeland-MitchellLink to questionnaire