Positive Spin

Positive Spin Summer Dreamers Academy students with volunteer James Simkins

Positive Spin Youth Biking

Positive Spin is BikePGH’s free youth cycling curriculum that teaches youth the skills they need to safely explore their neighborhood on two wheels and become lifelong cyclists.

The curriculum empowers youth to enjoy bike rides, complete advocacy projects, and learn basic maintenance. It has been reshaped to serve many schools, after-school programs, and organizations as well as providing auxiliary support to other program sites starting their own youth cycling programs. Over the past decade, it has served thousands of youth empowering them to play active roles in their personal health and the vitality of their communities.

The Future of Positive Spin

As we move into a new decade, Positive Spin will be undergoing another transformation, we will no longer offer our regular after-school programming. Instead, we are focused on bringing bike safety and education to students during the school day with our Confident Rider Workshop. 

We are taking big steps to institutionalize bike education and safety to Pittsburgh Public Schools! If you are interested in bringing our workshop to your school,  please send us an email at info@bikepgh.org.

Confident Rider Workshop Features: 

  • One (1) four-hour training for staff on the Positive Spin curriculum, how to lead bike safety exercises, a ride (weather-permitting), and best practices of the program.
  • Up to 4 hours of training with students.
  • Access to bikes and helmets as available 
  • Help with troubleshooting and procuring maintenance and supplies.
  • Access to water bottles and other educational materials as available. 

Want to start an after-school youth bike club at your school?  BikePGH can help by sharing resources, supplies, and connections to get your club up and running!

Once your club has started, our engagement could include, but is not limited to, guest-hosting rides, supplies and materials, maintenance and troubleshooting, sharing your story with BikePGH followers, and civic or advocacy engagement opportunities!

If you know any other organizations serving youth before or after school that would like to use the Positive Spin curriculum, please get in touch!

Start your own youth program with the Positive Spin toolkit

Click here to download a copy of The Positive Spin Toolkit — a tried and tested guide Bike Pittsburgh developed to bring innovative youth cycling programming to your community. Positive Spin is a youth cycling program that teaches youth the skills they need to safely explore their neighborhood on two wheels and become lifelong cyclists.

It provides the opportunity for youth to experience the freedom granted by a bicycle, improves self-confidence, teaches self-reliance, and integrates healthy activity into everyday life. This toolkit is meant to help you — whether you’re a Physical Education Instructor, Program Administrator, PTA Member, or Community Leader, you can implement this transformative programming with youth in your community.

Check out the Positive Spin Toolkit