Safe Trips in the Strip

Everyone should be able to travel through the Strip safely

Thousands of Pittsburghers travel to and through the Strip every day on their commutes and for shopping and visiting. Yet roads in the Strip remain some of the most confusing, aggressive, and dangerous. A project to make the Strip easily and safely accessible for pedestrians and bicyclists began in 2014 but was never completed.

As the Strip and surrounding areas boom, and as we emerge from the pandemic as a city excited to reinvigorate and reconnect, now is the time to finish the job and complete this crucial transportation infrastructure.

Tales from the Strip

Listen to stories of Pittsburghers traveling through the strip in our “Tales from the Strip” series. Whether we get around with cars, buses, bicycles, by walking, or other means of transportation, none of us should have to navigate unsafe or confusing streets in our most highly trafficked areas. This is why we are calling for Safe Trips in the Strip!

I support Safe Trips in the Strip!

Sign on to our campaign and show your support for safer biking and walking in the Strip.