New path under the 40th St Bridge creates a crucial neighborhood walking and biking connection

A huge connection for such a small project

Sometimes the smallest projects can yield some of the biggest improvements in a walking and bicycling network. Such is the case with a new underpass in Lawrenceville that will help Pittsburghers who walk and ride get under the 40th St Bridge, while remaining on residential streets. 

The 40th St Bridge cuts off Lower and Central Lawrenceville from each other. Previously, from the residential area, to get past the bridge on foot or on bike, you’d have two choices. First, head up to Butler St, several blocks out of your way, and deal with the inevitable aggressive traffic and sketchy 40th St intersection. Or, your second option was to squeeze through a gap in some jersey barriers and walk or ride through a private parking lot full of trucks.

Through a partnership between multiple stakeholders such as County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Councilwoman Deb Gross, Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, Allegheny County DPW, BikePGH, Friends of the Riverfront, Lawrenceville Corporation, Lawrenceville United, Better Streets Lawrenceville, and the developers at Arsenal 201, a new cut though under the 40th St bridge was created at Willow St, leading to a brand new section of trail through the Arsenal 201 development between 39th and 40th Sts. 

The project knits together the residential neighborhood grid on the river side of Butler St, connecting residents who were separated due to the bridge. 

Additionally, this project is one more step in the vision of connecting Lawrenceville, the Strip District, and Downtown with a safe, intuitive bike route. 

The area where you can walk or bike under the bridge is also occupied by Allegheny County DPW, who donated the space for the connection. When you emerge from under the bridge, be sure to pay attention to any DPW trucks who may be pulling in and out of the adjacent lot.

Thanks again to all the partners who helped make this small, but impactful project possible. People who walk and bike in Lawrenceville appreciate the new connections!

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  • Paul Heckbert says:

    Yes, a very helpful connection! There are a number of short connections like this that need to be opened up, to make a big difference for cyclists:
    * Level crossing where railroad crosses the Lake Trail at Panther Hollow Lake.
    * Level crossing under Glenwood Bridge to connect Hazelwood to Duck Hollow Trail.
    * Connection between Route 837 and GAP Trail east of the Rankin Bridge.
    * Open the locked gate on Old Braddock Ave near Westinghouse Flood Gate.
    Mary Shaw and Roy Weil created a list of such projects, years ago, and sadly the city & county have been slow to pursue them.

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