Pittsburgh Biking 101

How to Ride Guide

3rd Edition Biking 101 Guide

BikePGH’s Biking 101 Guide is a comic-book style guide to urban biking in Pittsburgh.

Since 2007, over 50,000 copies of this guide have helped people learn the tricks, tips, suggestions, and laws to stay safe, comfortable, and legal while biking.

Check out the 3rd Edition of BikePGH’s Biking 101 Guide!

All the information is laid out in an approachable style that gives you enough to grasp the concepts, but not too much to scare you away.  The best part is: it’s absolutely free.  Grab a copy at any of the bike shops in town, or feel free to stop by our office.  Be green and skim through the online version. If you have any questions, there’s sure to be a helpful biker on our message board to give you some advice.

Thanks to the sponsors of the BikePGH’s latest Biking 101: EQT, Chatham University, The Sprout Fund, Oakland Transportation Management Association, Healthy Ride and the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership. And thanks to the Glen Jonson at Plasticarm Graphics Development Services for illustrating three versions of the Biking 101! We couldn’t do it without you!


Thanks to our partnership with Global Wordsmiths, we have the Biking 101 guide translated in multiple languages:

Russian – Biking 101 Guide: Read or download here

Chinese – Biking 101 Guide: Read or download here

Spanish – Biking 101 Guide: Read or download here


Read an online version of Bici-101 here.

We are proud to present the updated Spanish Language bike guide, “BICI-101”.  This free, condensed guide is a “Welcome” to the Spanish-speaking Latino and Hispanic Community in Pittsburgh, and includes basic information regarding safety and some of the bike services available to the community.

This project was created by Spanish-speaking members in Pittsburgh and 412 Flock, and made possible with support from Free Ride, Café Con Leche, and BikePGH.

Besides Spanish, a Portuguese version is in the works -coming soon!

If you would like to see your language represented, please contact 412FlockPGH@gmail.com to reach more demographics in our city!