BikePGH’s 2013 Accomplishments, by the Numbers


A Year of Innovation and Change


Planning & Infrastructure

Batman vs Bill Peduto vs Warhol Animation created during our BikeFest Fundraiser Party



Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown rides a bike


  • Exceeded our membership goal reaching 2,500 individual members;
  • iheartbike4 billboards and 15 bus shelters housed our Drive with Care PSA campaign aiming to humanize people on bicycles;
  • 658 I <3 My Bike photos added to the anti-theft database, helping at least 5 people recover their stolen bikes;
  • Over 300 volunteers worked for a total of 2,104 hours, the equivalent of an additional full time employee;
  • 580 people participated in the 2013 Bike to Work Day.

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